Customer Service Truths: Insights and Innovations from RingCentral

Let’s talk about it Customer service is the backbone of any successful business. Yet, it often remains a source of significant frustration for customers and agents. We spoke with Jim Payne, the Director of Product Marketing at RingCentral, to shed light on this issue and explore innovative solutions. In our conversation, Jim shared valuable insights […]

A Journey into the city of the future with Sholto Douglas-Home

Amidst Dubai’s energy, I was on another journey to Expo City Dubai, the epitome of futuristic urban living. This day’s adventure led me to meet Sholto Douglas-Home, the Chief Marketing Officer and the master storyteller charged with conveying this visionary project to the world. Our conversation at the Expo City Headquarters, surrounded by the city’s […]

Harmonizing Tech and Touch: Amplifai’s CEO on Redefining Operational Standards

In a recent illuminating discussion with Sean Minter, the CEO of Amplifai, I delved into the heart of what the future holds for our industry. The essence of our conversation revolved around a critical realization: as we transition into the next year, the human facet of customer service emerges as a cornerstone in redefining our […]

Today, we’re going to be discussing four common misconceptions about Customer Experience (CX). We’ll be talking about the cost of CX, the relationship between happy customers and CX, the role of technology, and who is responsible for CX. Misconception #1: The Cost of CX Some people believe that customer experience programs are expensive, and they’re […]