I’m thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of top-tier brands, each bringing a unique blend of content, innovative thinking, and creativity. Their impact on the global customer experience community fuels my journey to explore fresh content and uncover the stories that resonate with customer experience professionals everywhere.


ArenaCX operates at the forefront of the Customer Experience (CX) industry by revolutionizing how businesses manage their customer service operations. As

ICXI (International Customer Experience Institute)

ICXI stands as a beacon in the customer experience (CX) landscape, guiding organizations towards excellence in customer interactions. As a global authority on CX best


 AmplifAI is at the forefront of enhancing organizational performance and customer satisfaction through artificial intelligence (AI). By turning data into actionable insights,


 Humach specializes in revolutionizing the way companies engage with their customers by blending human expertise with machine efficiency. Their services and solutions are


CustomerHD specializes in providing bespoke customer support solutions that help businesses elevate their customer service experience. Their approach combines

Call Lab

 Call Lab stands as a premier provider of call center solutions, specializing in optimizing customer communication for businesses across various industries.


OP360 stands as a pivotal partner for businesses aiming to enhance their operational efficiency and customer service excellence. Specializing in outsourced customer

Google ChromeOS for Call Centers

Google ChromeOS for Call Centers offers a streamlined, secure, and scalable operating system designed specifically for the dynamic needs of call center


QEval stands out as a comprehensive quality management software designed to elevate the standards of customer service and support. Tailored for call centers


Cemantica is a leading Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform designed to empower businesses to map, analyze, and improve their customer

CCW (Customer Contact Week)

CCW, short for Customer Contact Week, is recognized as the world’s leading customer contact event series, spotlighting the newest trends, technologies, and

SSON (Shared Services and Outsourcing Network)

SSON stands as a global leader in promoting and facilitating excellence in shared services and outsourcing. With a community of over 120,000 members, it provides a

Call and Contact Center Expo

The Call and Contact Center Expo is an eminent professional gathering that showcases the evolution and future directions of customer engagement,


 HubSnacks is a unique service provider that enables businesses of all sizes to maximize their investment in HubSpot, one of the leading marketing, sales, and service

Pixel True

Pixel True excels in the digital domain by offering outstanding web development services that blend aesthetic appeal with functionality. Their expertise


Brave.ah is at the forefront of digital marketing innovation, helping businesses break through the noise and connect with their audience in meaningful ways. Specializing in

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