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Let's work together to elevate the customer experience industry by sharing stories, providing training, and being a positive influence throughout the community.

Industry Stories

I use storytelling to inspire and engage audiences in the CX industry. By sharing real-life examples, case studies, insights, and strategies, I showcase the challenges and successes of brands and individuals in the field, highlighting the tactics they’ve used to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Media Coverage

My YouTube channel and podcast celebrate the brightest minds and influential leaders in the customer experience industry, showcasing their stories and strategies through in-depth interviews and behind-the-scenes insights.

CX Education

I educate the customer experience industry through teaching classes and workshops. Sharing my knowledge, experience and industry best practices, my classes are interactive and hands-on, allowing attendees to apply what they learn in real-world scenarios. I also provide resources and materials that attendees can refer back to long after the class is over

Worldwide contributions to the CX community

Let's Meet In Person

My Book

In this book, you’ll learn three basic principles to guide you to long-term revenue gains using customer experience strategy. You’ll find ways to tap into the power of influence and customer lifetime value and survive in the new competitive landscape of the global economy.

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