New School CX Leadership: Key Strategies for Aspiring and Seasoned Professionals

Meet Adrian Valenzuela, the Vice President of Amplifai a man whose name has become synonymous with the evolution and leadership within the Customer Experience (CX) realm. Adrian’s journey is not just a career progression; it’s a story of transformation, of a frontline agent turning into a new school leader. Through our conversation, I uncovered the […]

The future of CX Standards with Ladislau Batalha – A Leap into the Future

Ladislau Batalha

The Dawn of a Unified CX Vision – A Chat with Ladislau Batalha Today, we’re not just talking about customer experience; we’re diving into the future of CX with insights from none other than Ladislau Batalha, the mastermind behind the International Customer Experience Institute (ICXI). The World of Customer Experience Through a New Lens Imagine […]

The Beginning of a New Era: Ashish Seth on RingCentral’s Bold Step Forward with RingCX

Ashish Seth from Ring Central

In the Spotlight: Ashish Seth’s View on the Launch of RingCX In an industry where innovation is the cornerstone, RingCentral’s latest creation, AI-first contact center solution RingCX, stands out as a beacon of change. I recently engaged in a candid conversation with Ashish Seth, Vice President of Product Management at RingCentral. Over the course of […]

Weaving Identity: The Unseen Impact of Apparel on Brand and Employee Experiences

In the multifaceted realm of brand experiences, every interaction tells a story, each one adding a strand to the complex weave that forms the brand’s identity. Amidst these, the role of apparel and branded products stand out, albeit subtly. They are more than mere tangible items; they are bearers of identity, cultivators of culture, and […]

Asynchronous Communication and Hark: The New Paradigm Shift in Customer Experience

In an era where digital transformation is no longer a luxury but a necessity, every touchpoint with your customer matters. Traditional avenues of communication are giving way to more agile, effective, and less intrusive methods. Enter asynchronous communication, a concept not new but revitalized through innovation in the Customer Experience (CX) landscape. One of the […]