In the Spotlight: Ashish Seth’s View on the Launch of RingCX
In an industry where innovation is the cornerstone, RingCentral’s latest creation, AI-first contact center solution RingCX, stands out as a beacon of change. I recently engaged in a candid conversation with Ashish Seth, Vice President of Product Management at RingCentral. Over the course of our discussion, it became evident that RingCX is not just a new product; it’s a bold step forward in transforming the contact center world.

The backstory of RingCX: A Two-Year Journey
Ashish shared the journey behind RingCX, tracing back over two years of meticulous development building upon RingCentral’s long-standing, successful tenure (7+ years) in the contact center solutions space. This endeavor was more than a response to the AI trend; it was a proactive move to fill a crucial gap in the market. Ashish and his team at RingCentral envisioned a solution that was inherently AI-first, user-friendly, and economically viable. RingCX emerged from this vision, bringing a new dimension to customer service technology that encompasses RingCentral’s flagship unified communications (including message, video, phone, SMS, and fax) with a contact center, plus generative AI capabilities.

RingCX: Transforming the Fabric of Customer Interaction|
The innovation embedded in RingCX is transformative for both RingCentral’s existing clientele and new adopters. Ashish outlined how RingCX redefines the agent experience, making it more efficient and intuitive. By integrating AI throughout the customer interaction process – before, during, and after calls – RingCX streamlines operations, automates routine tasks, enhances overall service quality and ultimately changes the customer experience for the better.

Empathy and Efficiency: The New Paradigm
A key aspect of RingCX, as Ashish highlighted, is its ability to enhance empathy in customer interactions while reducing agent frustration. This focus shifts the narrative from merely deflecting customer queries to engaging them more meaningfully. The result is a more humane and effective customer service environment, where agents are equipped to handle complex queries with ease and understanding.

Looking Ahead: RingCX’s Evolving Roadmap
Ashish offered a glimpse into the future of RingCX, emphasizing ongoing innovations in AI, omnichannel experiences with voice, video, plus 20 digital channels, and agent productivity tools. The plan includes expanding integrations, enhancing the user experience on both desktop and mobile platforms, and a workforce engagement management add-on for native, generative AI-based automated quality management, coaching, and conversation analytics via the RingSense AI platform. Ashish’s vision for RingCX is global, matching RingCentral’s ambition to cater to a worldwide market.

Concluding Thoughts: The RingCX Promise
Our conversation concluded with Ashish reiterating RingCentral’s commitment to RingCX. The CX market has changed forever, and AI is pushing the needle further. It’s not just about disrupting the market; it’s about genuinely enriching customer experiences. The focus remains steadfast on AI, simplicity, and comprehensive functionality, underpinning the transformative potential of RingCX.

RingCX’s Global Impact on Customer Experience Professionals


Final Word: A New Chapter in Customer Service. Ashish Seth’s insights paint a vivid picture of RingCX as a pioneering force in the contact center industry. RingCX stands at the crossroads of enabling change with more AI innovation and empathetic customer engagement, heralding a new chapter in customer service technology. It’s a narrative of opportunity and potential that every industry player and observer should watch closely.

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