CX NXT UAE 2023: The future of Customer Experience Innovation

As the Chairman of the CX NXT UAE 2023, produced by MartechVibe, I had the distinct honor of overseeing one of the most influential gatherings in the Customer Experience (CX) arena. Held at the Dubai Marina, this event was a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and forward-thinking in the world of CX. The Role of MartechVibe: […]

Don’t Get Left Behind: The CX Revolution You Missed at ICMI Orlando 2023

In an environment characterized by rapid technological shifts and evolving consumer demands, ICMI Orlando 2023 isn’t just another industry gathering—it’s a strategic inflection point for CX leaders. This summary provides a high-level view of transformative solutions and pioneering strategies discussed at the event. From Grypp’s multimedia customer service platform that revolutionizes service calls to the […]

AI and Customer Experience: The Future Arrives, and it Speaks Your Language

At CCW Nashville, you could feel the excitement in the air. This isn’t just another industry event; it’s where big players and thought leaders come together in October to talk about what’s next in customer contact and customer experience. Opening the Door: Awaken’s Game-Changing AI In the fervent world of customer experience (CX), it’s not […]