Marathon Methods for Sprinting Ahead in BPO Markets

Aaron Fischer of OP360

Aaron Fischer brings an Ironman triathlete’s discipline and dedication to his role, as the Chief Revenue Officer of OP360 demonstrating how these qualities can drive success in the competitive business process outsourcing (BPO) space. His leadership is a testament to the power of combining athletic perseverance with strategic business thinking. The Foundation of Strength and […]

New School CX Leadership: Key Strategies for Aspiring and Seasoned Professionals

Meet Adrian Valenzuela, the Vice President of Amplifai a man whose name has become synonymous with the evolution and leadership within the Customer Experience (CX) realm. Adrian’s journey is not just a career progression; it’s a story of transformation, of a frontline agent turning into a new school leader. Through our conversation, I uncovered the […]

The future of CX Standards with Ladislau Batalha – A Leap into the Future

Ladislau Batalha

The Dawn of a Unified CX Vision – A Chat with Ladislau Batalha Today, we’re not just talking about customer experience; we’re diving into the future of CX with insights from none other than Ladislau Batalha, the mastermind behind the International Customer Experience Institute (ICXI). The World of Customer Experience Through a New Lens Imagine […]

The Beginning of a New Era: Ashish Seth on RingCentral’s Bold Step Forward with RingCX

Ashish Seth from Ring Central

In the Spotlight: Ashish Seth’s View on the Launch of RingCX In an industry where innovation is the cornerstone, RingCentral’s latest creation, AI-first contact center solution RingCX, stands out as a beacon of change. I recently engaged in a candid conversation with Ashish Seth, Vice President of Product Management at RingCentral. Over the course of […]

CX NXT UAE 2023: The future of Customer Experience Innovation

As the Chairman of the CX NXT UAE 2023, produced by MartechVibe, I had the distinct honor of overseeing one of the most influential gatherings in the Customer Experience (CX) arena. Held at the Dubai Marina, this event was a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and forward-thinking in the world of CX. The Role of MartechVibe: […]

Harmonizing Tech and Touch: Amplifai’s CEO on Redefining Operational Standards

In a recent illuminating discussion with Sean Minter, the CEO of Amplifai, I delved into the heart of what the future holds for our industry. The essence of our conversation revolved around a critical realization: as we transition into the next year, the human facet of customer service emerges as a cornerstone in redefining our […]

A Alpha, B Bravo, WTH?

When it comes to customer service, clarity is king. The ICAO Phonetic Alphabet and its counterpart, the NATO Alphabet (albeit with some modifications), have long stood as universal spelling alphabets designed to elucidate messages across any spoken language. The practice of articulating “A as in Alpha, B as in Bravo” was conceived to bridge linguistic […]

Will 2024 Witness the Rise or Demise of CX Leadership?

As 2024 unfolds, the narrative of Customer Experience (CX) Leadership is under the spotlight. Data underscores its significance: a survey of 1,920 business professionals highlighted CX as a prime focus for the next five years, over product and pricing. Additionally, companies with $1 billion annual revenue could see an average revenue boost of $700 million within […]

Crafting Global Connections from the Heart of Texas

“Empathy Echoes: The Human Tapestry of Global Connection” explores global customer service through a human-centric lens. Etech Global Services in Texas emerges as a compelling chapter in this narrative, embodying empathy, servant leadership, and a trusted advisor ethos since its establishment on June 15, 2003. Central to Etech’s narrative is the empowerment of frontline agents […]