This October, Nashville is the place to be for every customer experience (CX) enthusiast as it hosts the esteemed Customer Contact Week (CCW) 2023 from October 11-13 at the Grand Hyatt. Celebrating its 25th year, CCW stands as a hallmark event, bringing together a vibrant community of CX and contact center leaders. The CCW Expo is a treasure trove of cutting-edge strategies and a hub for making connections with top industry professionals.

I’m thrilled to be part of this remarkable event, engaging with the crème de la crème of the CX world. The agenda is packed with exciting discussions, insightful keynotes, and a plethora of innovative solutions. Whether on stage or among the audience, my mission is to soak in and share the wealth of knowledge that CCW 2023 promises.

Key highlights:

Let’s Share Our CX Stories at CCW Nashville 2023

My journey into content creation has always been about exploring the many layers of Customer Experience (CX), catching hold of fresh ideas, and sharing all I learn with folks around the world. Through podcasts, blogs, and vlogs, I’ve been lucky enough to build a space where CX enthusiasts can come together to learn, share, and grow.

Now, CCW Nashville 2023 is on the horizon, and I’m buzzing with excitement!  As I get ready to soak up all that CCW Nashville 2023 has to offer and share it with the world, I’m inviting you to join me. This is your chance to dive into the global CX conversation. Got a story, an insight, or a lesson learned from your CX journey? I’d love to hear it! Whether it’s a casual chat, a feature on my podcast, or an in-depth discussion over dinner sponsored by Amplifai, your perspective is what makes the CX conversation richer and more meaningful.

Special Shout Out: Amplifai Hosting an Exclusive CX Dinner Dialogue

I’m also thrilled to announce a significant highlight of the CCW Nashville 2023 event— a special dinner hosted by Amplifai, where I have the privilege to join key CX leaders for an evening of insightful discussions over a delightful meal. This dinner isn’t just about savoring good food; it’s about feasting on rich conversations that delve into the future of Customer Experience.

Amplifai, known for its forward-thinking approach towards enhancing customer engagement and operational performance, generously steps up to facilitate this intimate gathering.

Will you be joining us?

Let’s meet up at CCW Nashville 2023. Let’s add your story to the bigger CX narrative and keep the global CX conversation rolling. Your experiences, insights, and journey deserve to be heard and celebrated. Reach out, and let’s make CCW Nashville 2023 a chapter in our shared CX story that we’ll talk about for years to come. Your voice matters in this grand CX dialogue, and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

If you want to connect and be on my podcast or vlog, you can DM on Linkedin at:

Your presence at CCW 2023, at the Amplifai sponsored dinner, and on the “CX In The Wild” episodes will indeed add a rich dimension to the CX discourse. Let’s come together to make CCW 2023 a memorable milestone in our shared journey towards pioneering customer-centric excellence.