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Welcome, I’m Dennis Wakabayashi. Over the past 30 years, I’ve been privileged to develop customer experience strategies for renowned brands like FedEx, AT&T, McDonald’s, and Wells Fargo, using a distinctive approach I call the 3R-4E strategy. Are you interested in enhancing your brand’s customer experience? I’d be honored to understand your needs and help shape a unique CX strategy for you. Let’s discuss how we can work together to create meaningful customer relationships for your brand. Book a consultation with me today.

Let's embark on this customer experience journey together.

Grounded in the complexities of consumer behavior, market trends, and digital evolution, your brand can develop a robust customer experience strategy that seamlessly intertwines with your broader business goals. Empower your customers, not just as recipients of your offerings but as active contributors to your brand’s growth.

Your brand’s path to excellence begins here, with you charting the course. Let’s collaboratively design this roadmap, cultivating a profound understanding of your customers and harnessing these insights to deliver unmatched experiences.

Let's work together to elevate the customer experience industry by sharing stories, providing training, and being a positive influence throughout the community.

Industry Stories

I use storytelling to inspire and engage audiences in the CX industry. By sharing real-life examples, case studies, insights, and strategies, I showcase the challenges and successes of brands and individuals in the field, highlighting the tactics they’ve used to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Media Coverage

My YouTube channel and podcast celebrate the brightest minds and influential leaders in the customer experience industry, showcasing their stories and strategies through in-depth interviews and behind-the-scenes insights.

CX Education

I educate the customer experience industry through teaching classes and workshops. Sharing my knowledge, experience and industry best practices, my classes are interactive and hands-on, allowing attendees to apply what they learn in real-world scenarios. I also provide resources and materials that attendees can refer back to long after the class is over

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My Book

In this book, you’ll learn three basic principles to guide you to long-term revenue gains using customer experience strategy. You’ll find ways to tap into the power of influence and customer lifetime value and survive in the new competitive landscape of the global economy.

Worldwide contributions to the CX community

Customer Experience Consulting​​

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, businesses must go beyond selling products or services. They must sell experiences. Our array of transformative programs is designed to equip businesses with the strategies, tools, and empathy needed to deliver world-class customer experiences. We bring a suite of programs that blend technology, empathic understanding, and innovative workshops to cultivate a profound customer-centric culture within your organization.


The Executive Empathy Expedition

By walking a mile in the shoes of your customers and frontline employees, executives will be able to personally understand the impact of their decisions on the customer experience. This initiative ensures that the strategy developed will be founded on data and a deeply human understanding of the people your brand serves.


Quest for Customer Connection

The “Quest for Customer Connection” initiative is more than just a program – it’s a commitment to hearing and internalizing the voices of your customers. By making their narratives readily available to your employees, this initiative strengthens your company’s customer-centric culture and deepens your team’s understanding of the people they serve daily.


Market Maestros

Through the “Market Maestros” workshop, your marketing team will gain a deeper understanding of the customer journey and how their efforts can be optimized to resonate with customers more effectively. This initiative is a significant step towards honing your brand’s customer-centric approach and making your marketing strategies a harmonious part of the customer experience symphony.


Operational Odyssey

The “Operational Odyssey” Workshop allows your operations team to walk in the customers’ shoes, illuminating the operational touchpoints that shape the customer journey. The insights and actions from this workshop can significantly improve operational efficiency and result in a smoother, more satisfying customer journey, reinforcing your brand’s commitment to a top-notch customer experience.


Unity Unleashed

The “Unity Unleashed” Workshop invites your teams to step beyond departmental boundaries and embrace a collective commitment to the customer journey. The insights gained, and the collaborative strategies developed in this workshop can lead to a more unified, seamless, and positive customer experience that resonates with your brand’s promise.


The CX SWOT Collaboration Workshop

By creating a safe and structured platform for customers and executives to share their thoughts and ideas, the CX SWOT Collaboration Workshop helps your brand align more closely with the needs and expectations of your customers while fostering a culture of customer-centricity at the executive level.


Augmenting the Human Touch:

By augmenting the human touch with AI, the AI-Enhanced Customer Experience Program propels your brand towards a future where personalized customer experiences are the norm, not the exception. It’s an initiative designed to strategically utilize AI’s capabilities, fostering deeper, more meaningful connections with your customers.


Mobile Moments Mastery Workshop

The “Mobile Moments Mastery” workshop offers a hands-on, collaborative approach to understanding and leveraging mobile moments. It equips your team with the strategies and insights necessary to make each mobile interaction count, delivering memorable experiences that resonate with your customers and deepen their connection with your brand


"Empathy Enigma: Unlocking Customer Feelings" Initiative

Through the Empathy Enigma: Unlocking Customer Feelings Initiative, we aim to unlock the power of empathy within your organization, creating a more human and emotionally attuned customer experience.


"Horizon 360: Full-Spectrum Customer Experience Audit" Program

The Horizon 360: Full-Spectrum Customer Experience Audit Program is essential to a holistic understanding of your customer’s journey. By fully comprehending the current experience, your organization can strategically enhance the areas that matter most to your customers, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty.

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